ROD BLACKHURST  -  Director & Producer

Born Laurence Rhoderic Blackhurst IV, Rod was predisposed to a life of adventure and storytelling. Named after his Grandfather, who sailed around the world 3 times, hung out in Batista Era Cuba, flew bombing missions in World War II, hunted big game in Africa, shot trick contests for Remington Arms, blacksmithed, competed as a bodybuilder, and is widely known as the unofficial inspiration for the Most Interesting Man in the World….you’ll understand why Rod has spent his thirty five years on earth thus far directing films, documentaries, commercials, and music videos while assembling his own collection of unusual adventure stories.

Raised without access to a television, the first time he viewed both RoboCop and Full Metal Jacket, Rod spent many sleepless nights in the woods of the Adirondacks thinking he had just witnessed the strangest documentaries of all time. After graduating with a degree in French Literature (no joke) from Colgate University, he realized the real world didn’t care so much about GPAs so he loaded up his station wagon and made like Lewis and Clark for the Pacific.

Get Rod in a karaoke bar and in between performances of Blackstreet’s ‘No Diggity’ and any Backstreet Boys song (again, no joke) he’ll probably tell you some stories about touring for a four years with a rock band around North America and Europe, hanging out at Willie Nelson's house in Maui, flying airplanes with Kenny G, or that time he convinced some of the Super Troopers actors to go make a weird film in the desert.  He’ll also probably tell you about his love of John Steinbeck, Paul Auster, Wim Wenders, Roger Deakins, backroads, diner breakfast, why atmosphere and setting are crucial to narrative filmmaking, and why cheese makes everything delicious.

Previously Rod directed the 2012 SXSW short film WOULD YOU starring Dave Franco and Chris Mintz-Plasse.  Rod’s other films have screened at Palm Springs Int. Shorts Fest, Starz Denver Film Festival, Vail Film Festival, Phoenix Film Festival, Woods Hole, Sidewalk, Waterfront and Boston. Rod’s commercial work includes the visual rebranding of Airbnb in 2014 and 3 Vimeo Staff Picks, including the short ALONE TIME which was a 2013 Best of Vimeo and one of the most viewed narrative shorts on (and in Russia for some reason).  

Currently Rod is directing a feature length documentary produced by Mette Heide (TAXI TO THE DARK SIDE, QUEEN OF VERSAILLES) and edited by Matthew Hamachek (CARTEL LAND, IF A TREE FALLS, RACING DREAMS, MISTAKEN FOR STRANGERS). That documentary will be released in 2016. Rod is also developing the dramatic feature NORTH based on the short story by Matthew Wade Jordan. Co-written with HERE ALONE and frequent collaborator David Ebeltoft and Sundance Lab + Festival Alum Elgin James, NORTH was a 2013 finalist for a San Francisco Film Society/KRF Grant.

DAVID EBELTOFT  -  Writer & Producer

Raised in a small North Dakotan farming community, David colored within the lines and worshipped Twins centerfielder Kirby Puckett.  In wanting to impress his Uncle, a Vietnam-Vet and Jim Beam enthusiast, he read the bloody novelization of the film, Hamburger Hill when he was 10. Shortly thereafter he began cursing.  A decade later David graduated from The Santa Fe University of Art and Design, moved to New York City, became financially challenged and started writing.

Prior to penning and producing HERE ALONE, David co-wrote the dramatic feature NORTH with Rod Blackhurst and writer/director Elgin James.  NORTH was a finalist for the 2013 KRF Filmmaking Grant from the San Francisco Film Society and was invited to participate in the Society’s Off The Page program.  Also with Blackhurst, David executive produced the short film NIGHT SWIM, produced the short film LIFE, co-wrote the dramatic short ALONE TIME, and co-wrote the short documentary THE ONLY BAND IN TOWN.  His first foray into feature screenwriting, the dark comedy YOU WERE ONCE CALLED QUEEN CITY, was awarded the Grand Prize at the Philadelphia Screenplay Festival and a Feature Development Award in the Bluecat Screenwriting Lab Competition. 

With the wonderful support of his wife Payal, and sons Kavi and Nilay, David continues to write and has learned to color wherever he damn well pleases. He holds out hope that his vast Kirby Puckett card collection will one day help finance a future production.



Noah is an independent producer who grew up in Bedford Hills, NY where he rented the same Blockbuster VHS copy of Ralph Bakshi's WIZARDS so many times that it stopped working. Along with his childhood friends, they produced epically incoherent remakes of HALLOWEEN, ENTER THE DRAGON, and SNIPER. Since then, a lot has changed. 

He got his start rolling calls and reading far too many dreadful scripts in the management and sales groups at Cinetic before moving into the finance and consulting groups working on a slate of films such as BLING RING, FADING GIGOLO, ZIPPER, and ONLY LOVERS LEFT ALIVE as well as numerous others that weren't so fortunate. He also facilitated the signing of films for FilmBuff including OCCUPATION: FIGHTER, THE NAKED BRAND and BEAUTY DAY.

Upon leaving Cinetic he was selected to participate in the inaugural Dogfish Accelerator program - an incubator program for independent filmmakers - with his production shingle Young Gunner Films. As a freelance producer, Noah has produced and/or worked on films that have been distributed and broadcast worldwide with partners such as Chiller / NBC Universal, Eagle Rock Entertainment, BOND/360, Monterey Media, Gravitas Ventures, Netflix, and MarVista Entertainment. Festival screenings include Los Angeles Film Festival, New Orleans, Champs Elysees, Victoria TX Independent, Napa Valley, Mendocino, Berkshire International, New Hampshire, Tallgrass, Newport Beach, Woodstock, Calgary International, Melbourne, San Francisco, Heartland, and numerous others.

His films include DIVERGE - a micro-budget sci-fi drama that was shot over the course of nearly two years (and won the Top Prize at US in Progress!), BAND OF ROBBERS - a modern day Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn fable, and the award-winning SUN BELT EXPRESS - a film which is very likely the only comedy about undocumented immigration out there.  He has also produced branded series and campaigns for Knob Creek, OnStar, Infiniti, The Colors Network, Dior, Applebee's,, and Chase. 

In 2015 he produced BEYOND GLORY starring his father - actor Stephen Lang (the dude with the scars in AVATAR) - which James Cameron and Lightstorm Entertainment recently partnered on as Executive Producers. The film is currently touring festivals nationwide.

Noah produced HERE ALONE with Rod, Trevor, and David which was an amazing, muddy, stressful, triumphant, sweaty, and ambitious experience. 

He is currently developing a whole mess of new projects because that's what he does. Noah often has trouble saying no, enjoys cheesy gordita crunches, and is a diehard fan of the post rock band Caspian.



Trevor is the person every feature film wants and needs. After graduating with a BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, he started collecting many hats at a small ad agency. His skill set includes graphic design, photography, art direction, creative direction, web design, and comic relief. It's no wonder he showed up to the Here Alone set as an associate producer, turned set photographer, helped build fences with the art department, and then finally became the assistant director.

Trevor is the consummate collaborator. He currently resides in Seattle, Washington where he goes on epic adventures with his dog, FBI Special Agent Cooper. 






PRODUCERS:  Arun Kumar, Josh Murphy

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS:  Kevin Iwashina, Marc Bortz, Anthony Gentile, John Gentile, Leigh Jones, Ian Keiser, Gail Ebeltoft, Paul Ebeltoft, Paul Pathikal, Sinan Germirli, Eric Schultz, Bradley J Ross, Brendan Walsh, Nalit Patel, Kanwaldeep Kalsi


ASSOCIATE PRODUCERS: George Rush, Michael W. Gray





ORIGINAL SCORE:  Eric D. Johnson




ALONE TIME (2012, dramatic short film)

NIGHT SWIM (2014 thriller)

LIFE (2013 dark comedy)