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'Here Alone' Tribeca Film Festival Review

'(writer) Ebeltoft makes a virtue of writing economy, and director Rod Blackhurst maintains considerable interest as well as a consistent low hum of tension. The performers are all credible as ordinary, fallible folk who’ve managed to survive a plague (so far) through sheer luck as much as anything; no one here is larger-than-life.

Adam McDaid’s handsome widescreen photography of the almost entirely outdoor locations and Eric D. Johnson’s edgy, melancholy score highlight a sharp overall assembly.'


Film Book - April, 28, 2016

'HERE ALONE' Sparse, Poignant Horror - Tribeca Film Festival Review

Here Alone accomplishes in 97 minutes what The Walking Dead only occasionally accomplished across 16 hour-long episodes: it made it feel like its characters mattered.”

“the film becomes a quiet examination of humanity, a reflection of our own tendencies and how the world might react to an event of this magnitude.”

The Word - April 28, 2016

'HERE ALONE' Tribeca Film Festival Review

Every element in this movie is superb: Directing, acting, cinematography, the minimalist music score and the editing, just to name those.”

“ exquisitely crafted piece of suspense and horror that will reach into the hearts and souls of audience members.”

“Gripping storytelling that doesn't rely on gratuitous gore and violence.”

Crome Yellow - April 26, 2016

'Here Alone', Tribeca Film Festival Review

“...takes on the survival genre with a much welcomed perspective, exploring who we are when everything’s been taken from us…”

“...a patient, restrained effort more concerned with how humanity deals with life after societal collapse.”

This Week in New York - April, 21, 2016

'Here Alone' Tribeca Film Festival Review

 "...twisting conventions just enough to keep viewers on the edge of their seat."

"You can’t take your eyes off Walters, who gives Ann a tough yet vulnerable quality, focusing on her troubled psyche..."

The Odyssey Online - April, 18, 2016

'Here Alone', Tribeca Review

"A fresh take on a rotting genre."

"Rod Blackhurst has done the unthinkable: He made an original zombie film."

"...the strongest, most visually realized female protagonist in the vein of Furiosa and Ripley to date..."

" unnerving, horrifying experience..."

Entertainment Weekly - April 17, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival 2016: Exclusive Portrait Photos

MXDWN.Com - All That Matters In Movies [REVIEW] - April 16, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival Review – ‘Here Alone’

"...those looking for a patient portrait of survival and spiritual death will find plenty to sink their teeth into."

"Blackhurst pulls no punches. The film’s central trio provides a strong, complicated portrayal of painful humanity, which is a relief since the film rides on their back."